There are many considerations to be made before making any investment.  You must assess your risk tolerance.  Invest in something with which you are comfortable. 

Invest with Confidence – work with an investor with whom you trust and have confidence.  A lender should perform due diligence.  The investor you work with should be experienced with a solid track record of success.  The investor should have a record of doing what they say they will do.  When investing, you should insist on a history of sound business judgment.  Keep in mind that any investment involves risks and rewards.

Ensure that your investment is adequately insured.  Make certain that the investor has sufficient insurance coverage for its investment assets.

Documents – real estate investments should have proper documentation.  Ensure that an attorney prepares the documents for your investment and that necessary documents are recorded with the appropriate county.

Bear in mind that past success does not guarantee future success.  Your investment returns are not guaranteed or insured.  Get to know and feel comfortable with your investor so that you may make a sound and confident investment decision.

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